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November 26, 2012

Yoga and Chocolate Truffles


Sometimes there are moments in a day that bring such joy. Moments that make you stop and think how sometimes, the simplest things make you the happiest. Simple things that make you realize how great life is and how precious it really is. 

This happened for me yesterday while in a yoga class. It was a 75 minute heated class, with a room full of various people, each and every one of them there to let their worries go and treat their bodies to health and wellness, to treat themselves to 75 wonderful minutes to themselves. 

I can't quite remember at what point it was, if I realized this feeling while walking to my car afterwards, or if it was the last few moments on my mat... Simplicity came to my mind.  I know, I know, you may be a bit confused... well, let's dig a little deeper shall we?

It came to mind that the simplest things in life can be our greatest pleasures. That no matter what your day is like or the events that occur - no matter where on earth you live or what is happening around you, you should always have one simple thing in the back of your mind that you can reflect on to appreciate and recognize as being a constant joy and source for happiness. If you have this, well my friends, you are well on your way to a fulfilled life.

And so, it was after a morning of yoga, simple thoughts and appreciating my life that I made truffles.

Care to know more?

I thought so ;-)

I happened to have a jar full of prunes in my pantry that were needing to be used.. I wanted something snack-like, chocolatey and rich, somewhat sweet yet still healthy. Here is what I came up with... 

Coffee Coconut  Truffles

1c prunes (20-22 prunes)
4 tbsp  cocoa powder (unsweetened) + more for rolling
2 tbsp room temperature coffee (leftover from the morning is fine)
1/4 c (or less) unsweetened shredded coconut for rolling
Combine first three ingredients (prunes, cocoa powder & coffee) in a food processor until combined. The consistency will be very thick and sticky - this is what you want. Prepare a plate covered with plastic wrap, plus another piece of wrap to cover it. Grab two more small plates - coat one with the coconut, lightly sprinkle cocoa powder onto the other. Slightly wet your hands and fingers and use a wooden spoon to pull out about 1 tbsp (a little smaller than a golf ball) of the dough, set onto the plate with coconut and coat until no longer sticky (you can now pick up the "blob" and roll it into a nice smooth ball). Now roll the ball in the cocoa powder, just enough to coat the outside (tap off any excess cocoa) and place it onto your plastic wrap-covered plate. *This is where I decided to leave some of the truffles without the extra cocoa, purely for comparison reasons. My result? Both versions are delightful, you can decide for yourself how "chocolatey" you want your truffles to be. 
Once all truffles have been made, cover the plate with your extra piece of plastic wrap and place into the freezer. I checked at about the one-hour mark and while they were cold, they weren't quite solid - yet still delicious! Continue to freeze (or remove at this point) to reach your desired texture.

And for your holiday fulfillment... here are the miniscule nutrition facts for these little treats of joy...

Per (one) Truffle: 

54 calories
11g carbohydrates
1.75g fiber
0.85g protein
6g sugar

That's it folks!

Enjoy these little gems for a moment to yourself, or share with your loved ones. Either way, keep one thought in mind this holiday season - always remember to count the little things, for the simpler the appreciation, the more fulfilling it will be.

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