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September 5, 2011

Classic BLT and Zucchini Soup

Homemade Zucchini Soup, courtesy of The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, and a classic BLT sandwich... This was the perfect way to end the long weekend before going back to the craziness of every day life.

I love when simple dinners come together perfectly and everyone is pleased with the outcome!

I had wanted to make this soup several days ago but after an outdoor workout, the heat changed my mind about having soup for dinner. However, I still had two mondo zucchini from my parent's garden taking up space on the counter and decided that tonight was the night. When thinking about what to have with soup my mind instantly thought sandwich, the perfect pair! We had just had grilled cheese sandwiches the other night so I had to think of something new... I saw the fresh tomatoes (again from my parent's garden, thanks dad!) and a lightbulb turned on.. BLTs!

To create this delicious meal I followed the directions for the soup exactly except for substituting cooked quinoa for the rice, and adding a little rice wine vinegar and other spices at the end.

For the sandwiches... well if you know what a BLT is then you know how to make it... Cook up some crispy bacon, slice several fresh tomatoes, clean the lettuce and you are ready! Toasting the bread is something I always do but if you'd prefer a softer sandwich that is entirely up to you. The bread I used here is from Ener G Foods, their Brown Rice Yeast Free Loaf.

The flavor of this bread is well, different at first bite, but the more you have it (as with most gluten free things) the better it seems to get. It's great for sandwiches (it actually stays together, no crumbling whatsoever!) and is also good for breakfast as toast with jam or nut butter. 

To assemble the sandwich I lightly buttered both sides along with some vegenaise. I put lettuce on the bottom piece, added as many tomatoes as I could fit, 2 pieces of crispy bacon, more lettuce and topped with the other piece of bread. And there you have it... an absolutely delicious and simple dinner... Enjoy!

This last bite was savored for quite some time... I'm sure you'll want to do the same!

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