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September 6, 2011

Teff Chips

This is probably the simplest recipe I will ever post but I think it is very blog-worthy and I'm hoping it brings smiles to those who are tired of the same old rice cracker or rice chip. I have made several of my own crackers, and while they turned out...okay...they didn't have that crunch that I always long for in a snack.

I found these gluten free teff tortilla wraps several months ago and one day had the idea that they could be baked and turned into chips...

Mission accomplished! Simply preheat the oven to 350, lightly brush the tortilla with olive oil and use a pizza cutter to cut into the desired size chips you like. (I get about 23 wheat-thin sized chips. Also, if you prefer a salty snack, sprinkle with kosher or sea salt before baking.) In my oven 9 minutes usually does the trick, but be careful... not all ovens cook the same and when they begin to brown they'll brown quickly.

Once they are to your desired doneness let them cool on a wire rack and enjoy! I love how quick these are to make, how well they'll keep if you want to make more than one batch, and mostly I love that they are gluten free, crunchy and not made of rice!

Yes they are simple but sometimes... it's the simple things in life that really make you smile :)

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