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22 Things

I may not be old enough to make one of these lists... but seeing as how this year was my golden birthday, the year I graduated from college and the year where I step into the "real world", it seemed like the perfect time to publish this on my blog.

This list is comprised of things I have learned over the years, relating to health, happiness, school & education, relationships, family, fitness... think of anything that is part of life and it probably has a home on this list. Although I have many years left to add to this list, I hope some of these thoughts ring true for you and bring a little light into your life.

22 Things I've Learned in 22 Years

1. Never stop learning.
2. Be yourself, always.
3. Be patient, everyone has a destiny. 
4. Always make time for happiness.
5. Do something active every day. 
6. When in doubt, just smile, the answer will come to you.
7. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.
8. It's okay to not finish first.
9. "What you put in is what you get out... Win from within"
10. It is just as important to have respect for yourself as it is to have respect for others.
11. The only limits are those you set for yourself.
12. Let your dreams be your motivation.
13. Eat slowly. Put your fork down and take a breath between each bite.
14. Be nice to everyone.
15. Absolutely love the place where you live.
16. Go above and beyond your goals, not those that people set for you.
17. Take a moment every day to stop and notice how beautiful this world really is.
18. Life is too much fun to be serious all the time.
19. Tell someone you love them each and every day.
20. Plans are well and good, just don't let them run your life. 
21. Fuel your passion.
22. Make the most of every minute.

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