Modifying Original Recipes to Fit Your Needs!

A blog about healthy eating, healthy living and happiness. Join me and I'll show you how easy it is to substitute, modify and enhance your favorite recipes to accommodate your special diet, all without missing a thing!

About Me

Welcome to It Really Works! I'm Melaina, a twenty-something foodie with a passion for health, fitness and happiness. Thinking up new recipes, modifying the existing, turning the impossible into something divine and delicious is what I am truly passionate about.

I've dealt with a whole slew of health problems over the years -- IBS, Gastritis, gluten intolerance, egg & soy allergies being just a few. With this grand of a passion for food I wasn't about to let any of this get in my way, which is why I've created It Really Works! A blog about healthy, fun eating that just so happens to be gluten free! You'll find that many of my recipes also exclude several other common food allergens - but all taste as phenomenal as ever. 

Scan through the recipes, try them out and modify them to fit your needs - anything is possible! 

Bon App├ętit!