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August 2, 2011

Green Smoothie - YUM!

I got home from a good swim and was craving something filling, good for me and oh so delicious! I got out a banana and thought okay this is good but I want something crunchy... I took out a piece of celery and took a bite... yummy and healthy... keep going... SMOOTHIE! I've never just thrown together my own green smoothie before, I've always looked up recipes but they never seemed to suit me. Most suggest only water but it seems to take a lot of the flavor away. Here's what I settled on:

1 banana
1 celery stick (roughly cut into pieces)
handful of raw (shelled) sesame seeds
handful of romaine lettuce or spinach
fresh or frozen mango
1/4 c. vanilla hemp milk (I use Pacific Foods Vanilla Hemp Milk) + a little water

Blend until smooth and enjoy! I was literally scraping it out of the bottom of the glass to get every last drop!

[You can add more liquid if you like... this was pretty thick but I must admit it makes the smoothie stick with you long enough until your next snack ;)]

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