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August 4, 2011

Summer Quinoa Salad

As usual, I had my whole week of meals and snacks planned out… I was eating last night’s dinner of baked sweet potatoes, onions & garlic with apple-chicken sausages. The sides were sautéed yellow squash and quinoa. It was absolutely delicious and I thought it would be perfect for tomorrow’s lunch.
I woke up this morning feeling sort of… heavy… I wanted a light summery lunch… and VWALLA! It came to me…

What you'll need:
Cooked quinoa (as much as you are hungry for)
Sliced carrots (I used one large carrot sliced into rounds)
Dried cherries
Sautéed squash (zucchini would work well too)
Spinach (pack on the nutrients!)
Walnut oil

I love this recipe because it is so easy to throw together, and you can substitute or add any veggies/fruits/nuts you wish! I heated up the quinoa through squash until hot, then added the spinach and walnut oil and mixed everything together. It is light, summery, filled with flavor and leaves you feeling ready to take on the afternoon. Enjoy!

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