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October 4, 2011

A Perfect Fried Egg & Green Chili Cornbread

For the last month or so I have been able to add eggs back into my diet (thank goodness!), I don't eat them all the time but when I do it is a treat and a nice break from my typical breakfast rotation. I made this Green Chili + Cinnamon Cornbread from the Gluten Free Goddess yesterday and it accompanied our dinner of "naked" burritos perfectly. After dinner I was thinking of what I could have for breakfast to switch things up and the light bulb turned on... A perfectly cooked fried egg with a slice of the cornbread, and a banana of course ;-)

As you can tell with my breakfasts so far... I tend to fair on the simpler side, however, I am strong believer that simplicity is well worth whatever time it takes. Cooking an egg and heating the cornbread on the skillet does require more work than pouring a bowl of cereal... BUT the benefits are so much greater and the taste will leave you drooling for more.

**A quick side note... When I was younger anytime my mom would make french toast for breakfast it was always accompanied by a fried egg. The mixture of the sweet french toast and syrup with the savoriness of the yolk and the egg meshed together PERFECTLY... this breakfast dish reminds me of that... almost bringing me back to life at home with the parents ;-))**

To prepare this breakfast you will have to have the cornbread left over, meaning you'll get to enjoy it (at least) twice!! It is very simple to make and the addition of green chilies and cinnamon is incredible!

To prepare your breakfast cook one (or two) eggs in a skillet. While the egg is cooking warm the cornbread on all sides (flipping after about 20 seconds for each side) - this gives it a nice crust and well... who doesn't like freshly warmed cornbread?! When the egg is cooked and the cornbread is crusted, place both on your plate and cut up any fresh fruit you'd like. That's it! Simple yet delicious, enjoy!

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