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October 16, 2011

Absolutely Amazing Flatbread

I am SO excited to share this recipe with you!!! I found it on the Gluten Free Cooking School website. I read the ingredients and had everything on the list, the description sounded awesome and I love that they have the nutrition facts for not one but two pieces of this delicious, soft and oh-so-amazing flatbread!

You can find the original recipe here. The only change I made was substituting millet flour for the garfava flour - I'm still avoiding beans as much as possible. The cooking time, 15 minutes, was perfect in my oven,  letting it sit for a few minutes in the pan before cutting into it was the difficult part!!

Also, make sure to lightly grease the pan and dust with flour (I used the rice flour) - this makes it the bread pop out of the pan without a problem at all :)

This bread is so good, I barely got in a second picture!

I ate 2 pieces with my soup the same night of making this and put the other pieces in a plastic bag stored on the counter. The next day the bread was still moist as ever, didn't crumble and toasts perfectly! I'm planning on making this bread in the future with some modifications to see the different types I can make... a sweet version, an herb infused bread, I may even try to roll it out to make a pizza crust! I'll let you know how those go.. in the meantime, enjoy this incredible, REAL bread!

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