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November 7, 2011

Blackberry Syrup Cornbread Muffin

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day... and it just so happens to be my favorite meal of the day. Which is why I've decided to start posting more of my breakfast concoctions for your enjoyment :-)

This breakfast's inspiration came from my amazing boyfriend :) I made these cornbread muffins to accompany our Beef & Butternut Tagine dinner last night but the muffins came out a little... crumbly and not super special...hmmm :-/
Now I'm not blaming the original recipe, I know it is because I only made half the recipe and cooked them as muffins which only took half the suggested cooking time (true cornbread should take some time to cook so the cornmeal completely breaks down and softens). However.... my boyfriend used his family's tradition of mashing up the cornbread with butter and syrup and poof, just like that, the not so special cornbread muffin was like a dessert!

That gave me the idea for this breakfast - blackberries... real maple syrup... cornbread muffin... butter... banana chips...

So simple yet so delicious! Feel free to add additional fruit and perhaps a real banana, but the combination of the sweet-tart blackberries, the sweet cornbread and the crunchy banana chips is an absolutely delightful way to start any day - especially a Sunday morning before 2 hours of yoga ;-)

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