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November 4, 2011

Not Your Average Kale Chips

Kale... it's somewhat of a "trouble" food... most people know it is good for you but just can't get it down. I've tried it in smoothies but eating kale as chips is definitely my favorite way to go!

I have made kale chips once before and they turned out okay but nothing picture worthy. I found this recipe for Sweet and Spicy Kale Chips on The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen website. If you've never visited their site, do it now! They have so many incredible recipes that already match most allergy needs, but are also super easy to modify if need be.

As far as the kale chips.. they're great! Crunchy and satisfying for an afternoon snack or in my case.. to pair with my sunbutter and jelly flatbread sandwich - it was the perfect lunch to have during my massive study session ;-)

I followed the recipe exactly for the kale chips, but do be warned, the dressing may not taste very spicy at first but as the kale chips sit after being cooked... that spice sure does show up! If you'd prefer less spice, I think 1/4 tsp cumin or chili powder would work really well with the other ingredients in place of the crushed chili flakes.

One last note, I cooked mine at 275 rather than 250 hoping to speed up the process, but they still needed about 40 minutes to get the ultimate crunch. Be patient my friends.. this healthy snack is well worth it!

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