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February 15, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday ~ 2.0

First off - I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday! I'd like to share a picture of these beautiful flowers that are sitting on my kitchen table...
He's perfect :)

Truthfully, my boyfriend and I are both on the same page about Valentine's Day - you don't need a special day to show how much you love someone. But hey... I'm definitely not one to complain if the man I love buys me flowers :)

Anyway... on to Wednesday!

Oh what a day. Here's a little breakdown...

Work from home until 11:00am. Edit resume/print business cards for the business school career fair. 30 minute interval workout. Shower. Get dressed/dry hair/make-up - get all professional looking ;-). Eat lunch. Prepare dinner to bring to school (yup, another 7 o'clock meeting tonight!). Drive to school. Go to career fair. Go to coffee shop and have a serious school-work session. Drive back to the b-school. Eat dinner. Meeting. Drive home. Enjoy the rest of my fabulous gluten/dairy/nut free zucchini chocolate bread - which I will tell you about in....






What time is it?!?!

Unfortunately... I don't think I met the par for the [veggies] portion of this WIAW post... but here are some fun meal ideas and pictures to catch your attention!

One of my favorite breakfasts with a slight modification because of the season - (a.k.a strawberries are cheaper than raspberries right now!) - Flax cereal, freshly cut strawberries, diced dried mango and my go-to vanilla hemp milk. Don't forget your large cup of green tea ;-)

A lunch I used to make ALL THE TIME (before going gluten/dairy/yeast..etc. free), again with a few modifications - a grilled cashew butter & banana sandwich complete with cinnamon, honey and a side of celery. Simple. Delicious. 

I did NOT want to spend the 3 hours I had until my meeting at school so I visited the local Brewing Market coffee shop in Boulder and couldn't resist when I saw the shelf of gluten free items. I settled on this baby... gluten/dairy/nut free chocolate zucchini bread with jasmine green tea. OMG. THIS IS SO GOOD! *Quick side note... not only does this coffee shop have gluten & dairy free baked goods, but you can also trade up your cows milk for soy, almond, OR hemp milk! AH! I love Boulder :)

A lovely salad with my leftover California Chicken Sandwich from Red Robin (I know, I know... it's not guaranteed gluten free but by ordering wrapped in lettuce rather than the traditional bun - it left my stomach feeling just fine - yeaahhh!). I topped my salad with grapes (if you've never done this you must give it a try) oh and some crushed blue corn tortilla chips (guilty#). It was a perfect light dinner knowing my dessert would be...

Snack [dessert]
You didn't think I ate that whole piece of chocolate zucchini bread all at once did you? Oh no... I had a plan from the very beginning. Eat half as a snack and enjoy the rest as a luscious, delightfully sinful dessert. I know you're jealous... which is why I am now determined to recreate this bread, perhaps as a muffin. Stay tuned ;-)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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