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February 29, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday ~ 3.0

Another Wednesday.... another round of pictures and stories, and I have a wonderful way to start this off...

One thing you should know about me is that my favorite flowers are tulips. They are seasonal which makes them that much more beautiful. Another thing you should know is that I have the best boyfriend in the world, who just so happened to bring home tulips for me this last Friday when I was sick with a horrible bronchitis cough... *this is love*

Now that you are [I'm sure] smiling, let's move on to my delightful morning...

I began my day with an always yummy and fresh version of my Divine Chia Breakfast Pudding, complete with only the best toppings - the other half of the banana (used for the pudding), fresh raspberries and a touch of cinnamon. Delightful. 

(mid) Morning Coffee
I had a meeting with my mentor this morning in which we went to a previously mentioned favorite coffee shop.. The Brewing Market. Remember last Wednesday when I told you about this place? The uh-may-zing gluten-freechocolate zucchini bread and the option to have soy, almond OR hemp milk? Yes, now you remember. Well, I took full advantage of that and ordered a Cafe o Lait with hemp milk and the dark roast coffee. So wonderful!
My mentor's latte... beautiful artwork from the barista!

I had a small lunch but it was the perfect thing to follow my hemp milk Cafe o Lait. A previously [pan] grilled turkey wrap with guacamole, on a gluten free teff tortilla. Oh and don't forget those plump and juicy grapes in the background ;-) 

My afternoon snack (which I ate part of after lunch..oops) was a homemade trail-mix of cashews, banana chips, raisins and pumpkin seeds. A perfect post-workout snack but definitely could have been a little bigger seeing as how I ended up not eating dinner until 8:20 this evening [bummer].

Now this is a story for you... I had been planning to have this dinner of a leftover burrito bowl from chipotle since our dinner on Saturday night (and no it isn't gross that I saved it). The problem was... the first bite I took tasted extremely sour... I took off the black beans thinking that's what it was.. tried a bite or two more and quickly decided... the trash would enjoy this much more than I would. This all happened at about 6:00pm. This meant I had to go at least 2 hours until I would be home to create a not-so-sour dinner. UGH.
So! To wrap this up... over the next two hours I carefully thought out what I could quickly make when I did in fact get home. Here is what came out of all that brainstorming - half of a sweet potato (already cooked and in my fridge) with sauteed kale (again, more leftovers) and topped with a chopped up maple chicken breakfast sausage (in the freezer). All of this took about 3 minutes to prepare and was exactly what my body was looking for.. a happy ending to the night after all.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh I need to buy some banana chips for my homemade trail mix. Actually, have you tried plantain chips? I think that would be delicious.

  2. Julie - I haven't plaintain chips but I see them at Whole Foods every time I get the banana chips... maybe I'll switch it up next time! Thanks for the idea!