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February 1, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday ~ 1.0

Okay... so I've been meaning to join the fun for weeks now but with school starting back up and especially with it being my LAST semester of college (Ah!)... I've had other things on the mind... can you blame me?

Let me tell you just how nerdy I am... I set a reminder on my phone to go off this morning, at lunch time and dinner time to remind me to take my WIAW pictures... yea, go ahead... laugh it up##

Anyway... On to the fun!

Chia Banana Hemp Pudding, topped with fresh delicious strawberries and flax cereal for that all important crunch! (This is a spin-off version of my Divine Chia Breakfast Pudding - quickly becoming my new favorite breakfast!)

Morning Snack
In the midst of a lot of reading for classes I took a break and enjoyed this delicious Chocolate Banana Bread (recipe from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen) with a small glass of V8 juice.

Today's lunch was simple yet fulfilling ~ my homemade Savory Herb Amaranth Crackers, a healthy serving of homemade cashew butter (recipe coming soon!) and a perfectly ripe golden delicious apple.

A perfect combo of leftover grilled salmon, sauteed bell peppers and caramelized onions, homemade kale chips and puffed millet for a little more substance. Delish!

Evening Snack
Today was a long day at school, getting there at noon and not getting home until 8:30pm. I ate my lunch in class at 1:00pm and then had a killer hour and a half workout around 3:00pm. Needless to say I was starving at 6:00 and ate an earlier dinner than I was planning on. Point being - I was definitely ready for a snack when I got home. Nothing says "it's finally time to relax" like a bowl of cinnamon chex, dried blueberries and vanilla hemp milk - mmmmm mmmm good.

Happy (halfway through the week) Wednesday!


  1. yum, cinnamon chex sounds like the perfect dessert to me. i've never had hemp milk - but any kind of vanilla milk i love!

  2. I need to make that bread and crackers. They look perfect for a snack craving!