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March 7, 2012

What Ate Wednesday ~ 4.0

Disclaimer: Before I begin this lovely and sunny edition of WIAW... I have to admit that today is actually... Tuesday. I know many WIAW participants do in fact log their Tuesday meals and post it on Wednesday but until now I have stayed true to the name and taken pictures throughout the day, publishing my post at about 9:00pm Wednesday night. 

Now that my conscience is clean... let's begin!

While I absolutely love posting my entire day of eats, I've quickly realized that I seem to have a rotation of breakfasts. Okay, okay.... I didn't just realize this, I've known it for quite some time but hey, I'm a create of habit and I like it that way! Today's bfast was another amazing Divine Chia Breakfast Pudding. I topped it with raspberries, banana chips, my all-time favorite spice cinnamon and then after taking this picture I added a few golden raisins (I couldn't resist!)

This was a fabulous meal to eat while sitting in the front row of a 150-student class. Let me share with you a little background... ya know that person you had classes with who always brought snacks or full on meals to class every single day? Yea well... I'm that girl, and I'm definitely not apologizing for it ;-) Back to lunch... I made these bagels over the weekend. SO delicious and moist  [grain and yeast free!], with a hint of sweetness and perfect when smeared with avocado and accompanied with a crunchy red apple.

Last night, I made Hazelnut Quinoa granola with a few variations from the original recipe (look for my version posted soon!) This was the most perfect snack to enjoy outside in the most perfect 65 degree weather in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. [side note: Tuesday = 65 degrees, sunny, blue skies, wonderful; Wednesday = 30 degrees, cloudy, gloomy, yuck. Yup... that's Colorado!]

Ahhhh.... How I love it when a good pasta of [mostly] leftovers comes together! I had some veggies already cooked and ready to eat in the fridge, the only work required was to cook the [corn-quinoa] pasta along with some bacon #yum#, top it all with a few spices, one or two drips of olive oil and HOLY VEGGIES you have some damn good pasta.

I was originally thinking... chocolate... fruit... some sort of creative combination. Then I realized I was very satisfied from my delightfully yummy eats throughout the day, so I settled on a hot cup of sleepy time tea. Perfect ending to a most wonderful day. 

Happy Wednesday!

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