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December 29, 2011

Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Chewy Bars

These bars are delicious, dense and definitely satisfy that chocolate craving. Don't be disappointed when you open the wrapper... the bar is pretty small but eat it slowly and in small bites and you'll be fulfilled!

They are a great dessert, which is when I usually eat them, but would be great to stash in your purse or car for a quick go-to snack.

Enjoy Life has several other similar bars that you can find here. While I haven't tried the others yet, I'm sure they are just as great as this one! You can visit the product page for the ingredient list and nutritional info on the Cocoa Loco bar.


  1. we keep these and the Caramel Apple (also yummy!) on hand all of the time! My daughter and I both have food allergies, and this is one that is always safe for us. I always keep a couple in my purse and in the car for those times we need a snack on the go.

  2. Jacqui, thank you for the comment! I hope you can also enjoy some of my recipes to satisfy some allergy-free cravings! Happy New Year!