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December 29, 2011


Larabars... have you heard of them? Of course you have because they can be found in any grocery/health food store, are gluten-free, vegan and contain all raw ingredients. Bring on the health!

These bars come in so many different flavor combinations, you'll never get sick of them, in fact, you may just want to have one in every location where snacking tends to take place... the office, car, your purse, backpack, gym bag... you get the picture :-)

They aren't as sweet as most bars out there because they don't have any added sugar, a major bonus since most things we buy have sugar added (in any form). The sweetness you'll taste comes from healthy dates and any other fruit that they pack into these amazing nutritious treats.

My personal favorites are Cashew Cookie and Blueberry Muffin. Give them all a try and you'll have your favorites soon enough!

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